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About our school

The school services the small village of Greenwell Point. It is the only school in the village which has a population of approximately 2000 residents.

The enrolment of 77 students is drawn mainly from the village, with a few students coming from farming families to the west of the village.

A number of students travel to and from school by bicycle and the remainder either walk or are driven by parents. The village is quite unique in its family style atmosphere and is situated on a peninsula approximately 1 km long by 1 1/2 km wide.

The main form of income is derived from the fishing and tourism industries. The school has a native garden and large grassed play area with play equipment, a cricket pitch, netball area and football area.

The School Purpose is to provide individual enrichment for students while ensuring comprehensive educational experiences which enhances the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of all students.

The staff aims to ensure that students and their parents have a clear understanding of the student's stage of development in the basic skills areas and what is required for the students to achieve higher standards.

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